Setting Up A Limited Company

It is important to check when setting up a limited company that the company name you want is acceptable to Companies House.

The restrictions are that:

  • you cannot register the same name as another company that is already registered;
  • the use of certain words is restricted; and
  • names likely to cause offence are not allowed.

It is also important to check whether your chosen name is similar to any other names already on the register. If your chosen name is too like another name, an objection could be made following the setting up a limited company and you could be directed by the Secretary of State to change the company's name.

From 1 October 2008 the Companies Act 2006 introduces new provisions allowing any person or company to object to a company name for "opportunistic registration"

If the company's name:

  • is the same as a name associated with the complainant in which he has goodwill; or
  • is so similar that its use in the United Kingdom would likely to mislead by suggesting a connection between the company and the complainant.

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